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Important Information About Our New Email Server
In order to restore stability within our e-mail platform we have made some changes.  We have also released the NNI.COM Domain.

Please make the following changes to your email setting if you are experienceing difficulties loging on:

We will be shifting the network over to nni.NET.  Most of the conversion work will be done for you by us on the backend, but our users must change some of their own configuration as well.
Passwords will be preserved so there's no need to change them at this time (although you should note that changing passwords may become necessary in a future upgrade).  At present, you will be updating only your username and the POP3/IMAP/SMTP server names to reflect the domain change.  That is, the @domain.tld portion of your email address will change from to  Using "joe" as an example, his address

... then becomes:

You will need to inform your senders of your new @nni.NET email address, and likewise you'll need to change it anywhere its stored (websites and other services).

If you're forwarding your mailbox to an external address, you may disregard the rest of this message.  For everyone else:  to continue being able to connect to the server after the old domain is shutdown, please update your configuration as shown below, replacing "joe" with your own full email address (lowercase) as the username, and the server names, ports etc. as shown:

Username =
Password = (leave your current password untouched) POP3/IMAP (inbound) server =
POP3 port = 110, no SSL
IMAP port = 143, no SSL
SMTP (outbound) server =
SMTP port = 25 or 587, no SSL
SMTP authentication req'd = Yes
SMTP auth mech = plain, password or base64 Webmail =

For Outlook Express and older versions of MS Office Outlook, these settings are to be found in Tools -> Accounts.  For newer versions of MS Office Outlook, they're under File -> Options -> Email Accounts and/or File -> Info -> Account Settings.  For MacOS Mail, they're under Mail -> Preferences.  Mobile devices vary, consult your device vendor's product support page for instructions on changing email account settings for your device and version.

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